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One Student's Experience With Online Schooling

By Katie Schultz

June 25, 2015 - 12:23 AM

Online education is a hot topic. Students are doing away with tradition and welcoming the alternative. With online school's popularity rising, people are left wondering if the students are actually finding success.

"Academically, yes." Says 2014 Commonwealth Connections Academy graduate, Kassidy Rye about her success, "socially, no." Rye switched from traditional school to online school in 2012 when she began her junior year of high school. "My teachers were willing [to help] and present [available in real-time] during my two years of online learning." which Rye credits to her academic success. "Do extra curricular activities if you are going to do cyber school." She advises to help with the feeling of isolation- a common struggle between students who make the switch is the change of environment. Students go from being in a full classroom to being by themselves. "It's different," Rye adds.

Another common question is about coursework. Is online schooling easier or more difficult than traditional schools? "The course load was high. There was more work than in my old school. I struggled with it." Rye had an average of four to six classes with a new lesson each day, which was only available if she had completed all prior work. "I often found myself with a lot of overdue lessons." If overdue work becomes overdue for too long, teachers try their best to encourage the student to complete their assignment. If not, the student will receive no points on the lesson work, allowing the student to move on to the next lesson.

At Commonwealth Connections Academy it is required that each student to have weekly contact with their teachers either through phone or email. Rye admits, "If you don't call them, they call you."

When asked if she would recommend online schooling to someone Rye said, "Yes, I would recommend it to students who are having a hard time in regular schools...I was pretty pleased with my online schooling overall."

In 2014, Rye's graduating class consisted of almost 700 students state wide. The number is expected to increase in the next few years.
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