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Ohio's Oil and Natural Gas Wells Reach New Highs in Third Quarter '15

COLUMBUS - During the third quarter of 2015, Ohio’s horizontal shale wells produced 5,696,780 barrels of oil and 245,747,686 Mcf (245 billion cubic feet) of natural gas, according to figures released today by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Quarterly production continues to set new records as horizontal shale well production totals have increased by more than 100 percent from 2014’s third quarter totals. Additionally, Ohio’s horizontal shale wells have produced more oil and gas in the first nine months of this year than all of Ohio’s wells produced in 2014.

3rd Quarter YTD Totals

2014 (Shale) 2015 (Shale) Increase
Barrels of oil: 7,438,375 15,707,339 111%
Mcf of gas: 287,846,105 651,193,106 126%

In 2014, Ohio’s wells produced 15,062,912 barrels of oil and 512,964,465 Mcf of gas for the entire year.

The report lists 1,134 wells, 1,087 of which reported production results. Forty-seven wells reported no production as they are waiting on pipeline infrastructure. Of the 1,087 wells reporting production results:

  • The average amount of oil produced was 5,241 barrels.
  • The average amount of gas produced was 226,079 Mcf.
  • The average number of third quarter days in production was 78.

All horizontal production reports can be accessed at

Ohio law does not require the separate reporting of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL). Gas reporting totals listed on the report include NGLs.

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