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Boil Advisory Issued for City Of Mount Vernon, Village of Gambier

By Timothy Perry

April 19, 2016 -6:29 PM

Update: The boil advisory has been lifted.

MOUNT VERNON - A boil advisory is in effect for entire City of Mount Vernon and Village of Gambier effective 4 PM today. 

The City of Mount Vernon is in the process of replacing one of two water wells that supply water to the city. The City had previously believed that one well could supply an adequate water supply to the city while the other was offline during the replacement.

The City of Mount Vernon Water Department had previously asked residents to conserve water while the well was replaced in hopes that a boil advisory could be avoided. According to a press release sent out yesterday, the water system was filled to the maximum level possible before work commenced and advised that some residents might experience low water pressure.

However, once work began, the water supply became inadequate and the city was forced to bring the new second well online prior to inspection.

The City of Mount Vernon also supplies water to the Village of Gambier.

Residents in both municipalities are advised to bring all water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before consumption.

There is no known time frame in which the boil advisory might be lifted.

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