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Mount Vernon Police Department Reports from 4/13

April 14, 2016 - 11:44 AM


Richard Prince, 56, of Short Hills, New Jersey, was cited for clear assured distance ahead.

A juvenile was arrested. They are charged with domestic violence.

Susan Blubaugh, 59, of Mount Vernon, was cited for running a red light.

Jose Rivera, 47, of Mount Vernon, was cited for speeding through a school zone.

Sierra Duncan, 26, of Mount Vernon, was arrested on a probation violation.

Willie Flack, 93, of Martinsburg, was cited for failure to control.


An employee of a business on Coshocton Ave. reported the theft of $50.00 in cash.

At 9:30 AM, a four hour wait was placed on a vehicle parked on N. Vernonview Dr.. The vehicle was towed to the city impound lot at approximately 4:45 PM. No license plated were attached to the vehicle and all doors were locked.

An officer was met at the station by a woman who advised that her son is being bullied at school. She advised that she has been in contact with the school.


A 2005 Dodge Caravan, operated by Susan Blubaugh, of Mount Vernon, was traveling NB on North McKenzie Street stopped at the East Chestnut Street traffic light. A 20011 Chevrolet Silverado, operated by Bryan J. Calhoon, of Howard, was traveling WB on East Chestnut Street approaching the McKenzie Street intersection. Blubaugh said that she thought the light was flashing and she didn't see he truck before entering the intersection. Calhoon 2 reported that his light was green and Blubaugh pulled out in front of him. Blubaugh's vehicle was struck by Calhoon's vehicle as a result of Blubaugh's vehicle running the red light. The light / intersection was not on flash.

A 2001 Chevrolet, operated by Kathleen M. Tennant, off Mount Vernon, was traveling eastbound on West Lamartine Street and stopped at North Main Street, attempting to turn left. Tennant failed to yield to traffic prior to entering the traffic way, striking a 2015 Ford Escape, operated by Holly McGough, of Mount Vernon, which was traveling northbound on North Main Street.

A 2012 Chevrolet, operated by Willie M. Flack, of Martinsburg, and a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt, operated by Andy J. Hammons, of Brinkhaven, were stopped southbound in the Wal-Mart entrance/exit lane. Flack indicated that he thought that Hammons was going to pull forward. He proceeded to pull forward and struck Unit 1 in the rear-end.

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