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Five Sentenced on Felonies, Warrants Issued

February 22, 2016 - 2:57 PM

MOUNT VERNON – Five defendants were sentenced on Friday by Judge Otho Eyster in the Knox County Court of Common Pleas.

Kenneth Sweet, 35, of Mount Vernon was resentenced today on one count of aggravated trafficking, a fourth-degree felony, and once count of attempted robbery. Sweet was sentenced to community control with local jail time in January 2015, but violated the conditions of his community control by failing to report. Sweet was resentenced to 17 months in prison on each count, to be served concurrently. 

Calib M. Lang, 31, of Mount Vernon was sentenced for Aggravated Possession of Drugs, a fifth degree felony. Lang will serve 11 months in prison with a 6 month driver’s license suspension.

Ryan M. Llewellyn, 22, of Mount Vernon was sentenced for Gross Sexual Imposition, a fourth degree felony. Llewellyn will serve 15 months in prison and register as a Tier I sex offender. He will also serve a mandatory 5 years of post-release control. 

Michael J. Doyle, 32, of Fredericktown was sentenced for Illegal Cultivation of Marihuana, a third degree felony. Doyle will serve three years of community control with 18 months of prison suspended. He will also have his driver’s license suspended for 6 months and will forfeit $1,700.

Jacolyn D. Molinaro, 22, of Cleveland was sentenced for Obstruction of Justice, a fifth degree felony. Molinaro will serve three years of community control with 11 months in prison suspended.

The Court also issued Warrants for Mitchell Billman and Mary McGregor, both of whom failed to appear for sentencing. Each has a statewide warrant with a $25,000 bond.

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