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Danville Police Department Expresses Gratitude to Community

February 10, 2016 -12:59 PM


The following letter was written by Danville Police Chief Daniel Weckesser and is being published at the request of the Danville Police Department:





Danville Police Department

P. O. Drawer W

Danville, Ohio 43014

PH: 740-599-6888/Fax: 740-599-5202

February 10, 2016

On behalf of myself and the Danville Police Department, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to everyone for their support during this tragic time.  Over the past few weeks, the display of support from not only local communities, but nationwide, has been overwhelming.  Words cannot express how much it has meant to me and my fellow officers who serve this department. We have seen and felt the brotherhood of respect, caring and concern from all law enforcement agencies and first responders.  Many sincere condolences have poured in from beyond our small village and your kind words and generosity are very much appreciated. The continued outreach of concern and support for Officer Cottrell’s family through personal giving, volunteering, and honoring him through social media and prayers, have left us without words to truly express our deepest gratitude. Thank you to all agencies involved that coordinated a truly impressive memorial service for Officer Cottrell.  We are so grateful for all your assistance. Please continue to remember Officer Cottrell’s family in your hearts and prayers as the void now left in their lives is unimaginable.  May God bless and comfort them in their loss.  Many thanks to all.





Chief Daniel Weckesser

Sergeant Chad Lishness

Corporal Lisa Lyons

Officer Kevin Henthorn

Officer Rusty Dreher

Chief Monte Vance (retired)

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