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PHOTOS: Funeral of Danville Police Officer Thomas Cottrell

By Timothy Perry

January 23, 2016 - 4:43 PM

Columbus Police & Fire Pipe and Drum Corps plays as the body of Officer Cottrell is brought out of the gymnasium after the funeral service.

NEWARK - This afternoon, fallen Danville police officer Thomas Cottrell was laid to rest.

Hundreds of police officers and other first responders from across Ohio, around the nation, and Canada, as well as friends and family, came together this afternoon at Adena Hall on the Campus of COTC/ OSU Newark to pay their respects to a man who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of his community.

Funeral services, which began promptly at 11:00 AM ended around noon. Speakers included Danville Police Chief Daniel Weckesser, life partner Tanya Rayburn-Elliott, and his sister, among others.

Afterward, a procession of hundreds of vehicles began. Along the route, people stood in the frigid cold, displaying American flags giving salutes.

It took nearly one and one half hours for all vehicles to arrive at Wilson Cemetary, where he was interred after a service that included Columbus Police and Fire Pipes and Drum Corp,a riderless horse, and a 21 gun salute. A "last call" was issued across police radios, in which dispatchers were heard saying slowly while bagpipes played Amazing Grace in the background, "4200 to unit 373. 4200 to Danville Unit 373. 4200 to unit 373, Officer Thomas Cottrell. Danville Officer Thomas Cottrell, unit 373, is signal 37. End of watch January 17th, 2016".

Officer Cottrell is survived by his life partner Tanya Rayburn, his mother Melissa Osborn, daughters Courtney, Brooklyn and Alycia Cottrell, step sons Cody and Trevor Elliott, sister Nicole (Donald) Kohlmier of GA and a nephew Luca, maternal grandmother Linda Thwaits, as well as many friends.

Note: At the request of Officer Cottrell's family, no photos were taken during the funeral service or while the graveside service was taking place

A note from the editor:

Dear Readers,

I am breaking with traditional news protocol to share my personal memories of Officer Tom Cottrell, a man whom I called my stepfather for several years. Covering this news event, from beginning to end, has been one of the most difficult things that I have yet done since I began publishing news articles here at

Tom loved being a police officer. He always sought to become a better cop. He always sought to be a better person and was humble. I can recall one day a few years ago when he told me that he had taken an auxiliary job at the a small police department specifically so that he could learn from a much more experienced officer, for whom Tom had a lot of respect.

He would often tell our family of both humorous and sad tales of traffic stops and arrests.

His personality was often playful and kind. I doubt anyone met him who would not have liked him and he was always willing to lend a helping hand or a word of advice to those who needed it.

Tom was a very special person to a whole lot of people. Several paragraphs, or even an entire book would be nowhere near enough to describe him, so I will finish by saying this:

Thank you Tom, for everything you gave to your community, your family, and to me. You made us all better people and it was a privilege and honor to have known you.


Timothy Perry


Our thoughts are with his family and community. He will be sadly missed.

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1) Re: PHOTOS: Funeral of Danville Police Officer Thomas Cottrell
Written by fredlake2 on January 23, 2016, 07:07:46 PM
A wonderful job and excellent memories of a "Good Man" !  What a tragedy and let me just say this....there is a lot of evil out in the world and our law enforcement deal with it every single day.  To all those who serve or have served their communities, may God continue to bless you!

2) Re: PHOTOS: Funeral of Danville Police Officer Thomas Cottrell
Written by teecatness on January 25, 2016, 02:48:35 PM
So sad. So tragic.
The photos choked me.
Well done.
The blue line of officers is so impressive.

My deepest sympathy,


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