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Police Chase Which Began in Mount Vernon Ends in Wayne County

By Timothy Perry

January 21, 2016 - 2:30 PM

WOOSTER - A police chase in which vehicles reached speeds in excess of 75 mph ended in Wayne County this afternoon.

According to scanner traffic, the chase began around 1:19 PM when officers attempted to make a traffic stop at or near the Hardee's on Coshocton Ave. in Mount Vernon. Officers attempted to stop a U-Haul truck. The male driver of the truck failed to stop and officers began to pursue it.

The pursuit continued through Mount Vernon and onto Route 3 toward Loudonville. Officers attempted to use spike strips to stop the vehicle, but the vehicle drove around them. The chase continued onto 226 through Lakeville and then back onto Rt. 3 into Springville. Officers again attempted to deploy spikes to stop the vehicle, but it went around them. The vehicle then turned onto McKee Rd. near Wooster and shortly afterward turned north onto Springville Rd. The vehicle then turned onto Hill Rd., then turned onto Jeffersonville Rd. The driver then turned right, Eastbound on Rt. 30. where speeds reached 75 mph. The pursuit then headed near Wooster, where the driver of the UHaul made a u-turn onto Westbound Rt. 30.

Officers laid spikes on Rt. 30, where they struck the rear tires of the vehicle. The chase continued onto US 250 and then turned onto Westbound Rd. 30A where the truck went off the road, then back onto it. Speeds slowed to approximately 15 mph. Then after a series of turns returned Westbound on Old Lincoln Way at speeds around 30 mph. The chase turned right onto Rathburn Rd., where the trucks rear tires began driving on its rims.

The pursuit ended at approximately 2:27 with the male suspect and a female, who, according to scanner traffic may or may not be a suspect, taken into custody.

The suspect's name has not yet been released.

This is a developing story. Check back with for further details.

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