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Police Report Details October Arrest of Herschel Jones III

By Timothy Perry

January 21, 2015 - 12:12 PM

Herschel Jones III

(Photo provided by the Knox County Sheriff's Office)

DANVILLE - A police report, provided to today by the Danville Police Department, gives details concerning the October arrest of Herschel Jones III.

The report, which was filed on October 14 of last year states that a woman, whose name we are withholding for her protection, is listed as Jones' girlfriend in the report.

According to the report, she came to the police department and stated that Herschel Jones III had beaten her that night. She showed the officer bruises on her left thigh and under her left arm. She also had a red mark on her left wrist

The woman the advised the officer that Herschel was planning to rob Lonsingerls Pharmacy in the morning. She stated that he was either going to kill a cop and steal his uniform or call in a bomb threat to the school She said that he threatened to kill her if she told anyone. The woman appeared nervous and afraid to say much.

The officer asked her what had happened at home. She stated that she would not give Herschel any medication and that he was able to get some of her medication, Soma and some Xanax. The woman then stated that "Herschel got her to the ground and grabbed her by the arm and then pointed a gun up against her head. She stated that he grabbed her in the thigh area and she advised that he tried to rape her. She stated that she had gotten away and that is when Herschel pushed her and [the woman] hit her wrist on the corner of the wall". The woman then advised that Herschel punched one of the bedroom doors.

The officer found a hole in the door across from their bedroom. The woman stated that another incident had occurred in Mount Vernon at Herschel's mothers house. The woman advised the officer that the incident happened in the kitchen and the hallway. She told the officer that Herschel's mother observed the incident.

The woman stated the gun Herschel had was a Derringer 32. She stated that it is in his right pants pocket that it was next to the bed.  She told the officer that that Herschel was passed out on the bed

Three deputies went to the residence, along with the woman. She let them in and they found Herschel in the bedroom sleeping. They put him in handcuffs and allowed him to put on some clothing.

An officer then found the pants that the woman had described as Herschel's. The pants contained Herschel's wallet with his social security card in it. The wallet was connected to the pants by a chain. The officer then found a loaded gun in the right front pocket where the woman advised where it would be. The woman advised that there were also some bullets in the pants. The officer located a baggy with eight bullets in it. There were two bullets loaded in the gun. The officer  questioned Herschel about the gun and he advised that it was not his and did not know how it had gotten into his pants

A deputy then transported Herschel to the Knox County Jail. The woman advised that she wanted protection order.

According to court records, Jones was arrested that day on charges of aggravated menacing and domestic violence. A day prior, charges of rape, felonious assault, and having weapons under disability were filed.

Jones, 32 is being held on a tampering with evidence charge and a probation violation after a short chase through the Danville Park and high school football field. No murder charges have yet been filed.He has been named as a suspect in the Sunday night murder of Danville Police Officer Thomas Cottrell.

The report does not list Officer Cottrell as having any involvement Jones' October 14 arrest.

Cottrell's funeral services are scheduled for Saturday on the Campus of COTC/OSU Newark, where he had attended police academy.

Officer Thomas Cottrell

(Photo provided by the Danville Police Department)

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