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Utica Police Warn of Telephone Scam

By Timothy Perry

January 8, 2016 - 7:47 PM

UTICA - The Utica Police Department is warning residents of a telephone scam taking place within the Village of Utica in which residents are asked to withdraw money from their bank account to prevent their arrest.

According to Utica Police Chief Cliff Bigler, police were contacted by a local resident who claimed to have received a call from someone claiming to work with the Utica Police Department. The caller asked the resident to go to her bank and withdraw money so that she would not be arrested on an active warrant. According to Bigler, the Utica Police Department did not have any warrant out for the resident's arrest and does not conduct business in this manner.

The Utica Police Department released the following tips and information to residents:

-Police WILL NOT call you on the telephone and ask for you to withdraw money to prevent an arrest.

-Police WILL NEVER call you and solicit money to prevent an arrest.

-If ever you are contacted by anyone asking for money or telling you to withdraw funds to prevent an arrest, please contact your local Police Department and report the incident. Never take them at their word and supply them with any financial information.

-ALWAYS verify what they are saying by contacting law enforcement first. Scams are everywhere so protect your information and be smart online.

Anyone with information on this scam should contact the Utica Police Department at 740-892-3433.

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