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October Holidays

By, Rachel Peachey

October 1, 2015

We all know about Halloween…but did you know about some of the other holidays in October? This month, several of the celebratory days that are particularly fun are:

World Card Making Day – Oct. 3 Put in the extra effort and make a card for someone.  There is something special about a hand-made card.  This is even truer in our tech-savvy culture where it’s getting rare to receive “snail mail.”

Farmer’s Day – Oct. 12 This holiday pays tribute to the work of farmers throughout American history.  Through their hard work, we have all been fed.  Many cities and towns celebrate this day in September or October on different dates.  The October 12 date allegedly has its origins in the 1800s according to the National Day Calendar.

National Dessert Day – Oct. 14 The creator of this day is unknown, but it’s still a great excuse to celebrate and EAT dessert!  Whip up some of your favorite desserts and share with friends.  Appreciate the desserts that are now available after years of human development.

Apple Day – Oct. 21 A day to celebrate apples.  Eat some, bake with them, and share them.

Make a Difference Day - Oct. 24 Make a Difference Day is organized by the USA Weekend magazine and Points of Light charity.  On this day, people are encouraged to start a project or volunteer in order to make a difference.  Check out their website for more information:

Pick one of these days to celebrate with friends this month and brighten their days!

People love to celebrate and commemorate – if you take a look around the web, there is at least one special designation for each day of the year.  These days are registered through a variety of organizations since congress stopped officially recognizing special days sponsored by individuals, associations or corporations in 1994.  Some sources of interest are: , 

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