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Mount Vernon Police Department Reports and Incidents 9/1

September 2, 2015- 3:03 pm


On September 1 William Summerfield 43, of Mount Vernon, was arrested for a warrant on Emmett Dr.


On September 1 at 8 am, there was an accident on N. Mulberry St when a vehicle failed to stop for traffic and stuck a vehicle causing that vehicle to be pushed into another. Officer Brian Weiser was the reporting officer.

On September 1 at 4:49 pm, there was an accident on Parrott St. when a vehicle struck another while pulling out of a private driveway. Officer Jason Payne was the reporting officer. 

On September 1 at 5:50 pm, there was an accident on S. Park St. when a vehicle attempting to parallel park struck a parked car. Officer Zachary Uhler was the reporting officer. 


On September 1 Nathaniel Elswick 32, of Mount Vernon, was cited for "driving under an FRA suspension/slow speed - posted minimum" on N. Main St / Chestnut St.

On September 1 Raymond Guajardo 25, of Mount Vernon, was cited for "ACDA- Assured Clear Distance Ahead" on N. Mulberry St. / W. Chestnut St.

On September 1 Lillie Conley 77, of Mount Vernon, was cited for "drive onto road/ duty to yield" on Parrott St.


On September 1 at 10:33 am officers responded to a report of grand theft of a motor vehicle on the 1600 block of Old Delaware Rd. Officer Travis Tharp was the reporting officer. 

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