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New MVNU Students Welcomed to Campus at Ceremony

August 27, 2015 - 12:18 PM

(Photo provided by Mount Vernon Nazarene University)

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio—Over 400 combined incoming freshmen, transfers, and families were welcomed into the Mount Vernon Nazarene University family on Thursday, Aug. 28. MVNU Move-In Day brought feelings of anticipation, excitement, and hope to students and parents alike

Brittany Starmer, Mount Vernon, a first-time freshman Early Childhood Education major, said she was "excited about everything" and said she was glad that she wasn't too far from home as her family moved her into Pioneer Hall on Thursday.

"It's exciting just to see what God has in the future for her and his plan for her as she'll meet some new people, and make some new friends," said Starmer's parents, David and Rhonda, of Mount Vernon.

First-time freshman Kiona McGee of Mount Gilead said she is majoring in Child Psychology at MVNU and she was happy to be close to home.

"It's a fun campus. I'm hoping to make a lot of good friends," said McGee.

Garnet Cover, McGee's grandmother, said she was happy for her granddaughter, and that she looks forward to the opportunity for her to further her education.

Current MVNU students had the chance to move in first-time freshmen, unloading vehicles and transporting their belongings to their dorm rooms.

"Moving the girls in is fun – I thought it was really cool having them move me in, and having someone do that for them is fun," said Kelsey Hasl, a sophomore Early Childhood Education major.

"I'm excited to meet all the new freshmen and to see all their new faces. It's a nice way to welcome them in," said Kailey Waal, a sophomore Intercultural Studies major.

After a long day of moving students into their residence halls, faculty, staff, MVNU alumni, and community members gathered to show their support for the new students at the annual ribbon cutting ceremony by the Eternal Flame. Rev. Joe Noonen led the ceremony and said that the ribbon cutting ceremony is similar to "the cutting of the apron strings."

"Please understand that this marks your entrance into this community where you will engage in academic study, you will engage in recreation, you will live together, eat together, laugh together, cry together, want somebody beside you to leave quickly, all sorts of things will be your life experience – but you will cut this ribbon as a way for you to symbolically say, 'I am entering in,'" said Noonen.

"I want, in this moment, with all these witnesses, for you to understand that there are responsibilities that come with the cutting of this ribbon … if you are willing to accept the responsibilities to engage responsibly academically, to be a responsible citizen of this community, to grow in the knowledge of God and the grace of his son Jesus Christ, if you are an incoming student, please say 'I Will,'" said Noonen.

Following the ceremony, members of the Senior Leadership Team and Academic Deans cut the ribbon and welcomed students to the MVNU community.

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