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Hyundai and Kia recall 1.2 Million cars.

25 Unique Websites to Visit

By Katie Schultz

July 14, 2015 - 12:45 AM

Whether you're in need of a laugh, searching for answers, or in need of life advice- the internet is full of websites that can provide all of that and more.


This website is aimed towards investigative reporting on new stories that were under-reported. This is the perfect resource to finding out more about a story.


Buzzfeed is a globally popular website that hosts an assortment of activities from funny videos, quizzes, and news stories.

Know More, from The Washington Post

Find out the statistics on a broad variety of subjects such as where the majority of Germans in the United States live and where all reported UFO sightings are in the states. This website is designed to be informational and humorous.


A website where all your DIY fantasies can come true. Instructables teaches how to make all sorts of things from repairing an old chest to making home-roasted peanuts.


iDreamBooks allows quick access to currently popular books. The easy to navigate website showcases the books, reviews, and comments from readers. It also says where the book can be purchased and for how much via online.


This website grants access to watch free live classes from experts on topics like photography, design, crafts, and money.


A fun and different way to send a note via the internet is through Privanote. When you write a note and send the link to someone, the note will "self-destruct" once the receiver reads it.


When you visit this website it takes you to a random place to view- powered by Google Street View. Discover places you have never even heard of before.

Love For The Elderly

This website allows you to write a comforting message to an elderly person who is living in nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Letters are distributed around to help make their day.

Booya Fitness

Get a broad range of fitness classes online to follow at home. The first month is free and then it can be as low as $8.50 per month.

The Mother List

Platform aimed towards mothers and families with articles, tips, and stories.


Need a break? Calm is equipped with ambient music and nature backgrounds to navigate through to feel at ease.


This satirical website pokes fun at headlines and common things which websites use to gain popularity.


Medium is a simplistic platform for anyone to write, blog, tell a story, or just read what people have to say.

My 80's TV!

Blast from the past! This website allows you to flip through channels, from any year in the 80's, on a tube television to watch old music videos and shows.

Pleated Jeans

There's so much on the internet its hard to keep up. Pleated Jeans rounds up the funniest viral content and puts it on one website to see and laugh along.


Sometimes online shopping can be easier than going into a store. This website is filled with coupon codes for online shopping for more than 50,000 stores to use at checkout.


Tell this website what food you have available and it will whip up a recipe for you.

The Nostalgia Machine

Enter a year and this website brings up music videos and songs that were popular back then. Remember the hits you have long forgotten.


Choose from almost 900 free online courses to learn from.


DuoLingo is a fun website (available on smartphones too) that teaches a language through fun and engaging activities.


Find out innovative and clever ways to improve your life. Find advice on a variety of subjects concerning your life.


Have a tune stuck in your head but can't remember the words or the title of the song? By humming into your microphone, Midomi searches for the song and finds music that matches it.

What Should I Read Next

Enter books/authors you have enjoyed and like and this website will recommend books for you to read based on your interests.
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Written by JAPHET on July 19, 2015, 01:51:06 AM
I will open them one by one then I will see what to do

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