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Knox County Sheriff’s Office Reports and Incidents 8/19 - 8/20

August 21, 2015 – 9:30 am


On August 20 at 4 pm officers arrested David Sivits of Howard on the 300 block of Crystal Ave. in Mount Vernon on charges of an outstanding warrant in Mount Vernon.  Sivits was transported to the Knox County Jail.  Officer David Selby was the reporting officer.

On August 20 at 5:09 pm officers conducted a drug search warrant on the 300 block of Crystal Ave. in Mount Vernon.  During the search, Kristina Weber of Mount Vernon was arrested for disorderly conduct including fighting and threatening.  Officer Gary Rohler was the reporting officer.


On August 19 at 2 pm officers responded to a theft on the 16000 block of Fred-Amity Rd. in Fredericktown.  The complainant reported that his mail had been stolen from his mailbox by two individuals in an older blue vehicle.  The neighbor also saw the vehicle and had his mail stolen.  Officer Daniel Selby was the reporting officer.

On August 20 officers responded to a report of vandalism on the first block of Columbus Rd in Mount Vernon.  The complainant reported that overnight someone had cut a 1” gash in his vinyl pool.  Officer Timothy Light was the reporting officer. 
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