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Elementary Supply List 2015-2016

August 15, 2015 - 9:40 AM

3 boxes of 24 count crayons
4 glue sticks
1 pkg. Expo dry erase markers
12-#2 pencils
1 pair fiskars scissors
1 plastic school box
3 boxes of tissues
3 rolls of paper towels
1 Clorox wipes
Please label everything

1st Grade
2 pkgs.of #2 pencils (NO DIXON)
Scissors (blunt end, Fiskars work best)
Eraser (block style)
4 large glue sticks
6”x 9” plastic school box
2 boxes of tissues
1 roll paper towels
24 count crayons
1 package dry erase markers

2nd Grade
Ear buds
Large eraser & 1 pack pencil erasers
2 boxes Crayons (box of 16)
Colored pencils
Colored markers (1 thin /1 thick)
8 Glue sticks
Small plastic school box
4 folders with pockets
2 packages of Expo-whiteboard makers (package of 4-5)
2 highlighters (different colors)
2 boxes tissues
1 roll paper towels
Boys-1 box quart baggies
Girls-1 box gallon baggies

3rd Grade
Ear buds
Colored markers
Clorox Wipes
Hand sanitizer
2 large glue sticks (no liquid glue)
Colored pencils
6 pocket folders
4 pkgs. Of 12 #2 pencils (no mechanical, two packages will be placed in classroom for all to use)
1 small plastic school box
2 large erasers
2 pkgs. dry erase markers
1 old sock
1 pkg. wide ruled notebook paper
1 roll paper towels
1 box of tissues
1 pkg. of sandwich zip lock bags
No trapper keepers.

4th Grade
One of each:
1 inch blue binder
1 inch black binder
2 packs of binder dividers
1 pair scissors
1 box tissues
2 large erasers
2 glue sticks
1 box colored pencils
1 pack highlighters
2 packs of loose leaf notebook paper
2 composition books
1 spiral notebook
4 2-pocket folders (with metal prongs)
2 boxes of pencils
Zippered pencil pouch
Agenda book (optional)
Expo white board markers (optional)

5th Grade
One of each:
1 ½” white binder
red binder
black binder
blue binder
1 Ziploc Quart size baggies (for iPad returns)
Pkg. of 5 tab dividers needed for all 4 binders
1 pkg. highlighters
A lot of pencils/erasers/paper
Pkg. of sleeve folders for binders
1 pkg. of glue sticks
1 box of tissues
1 pkg. of dry erase markers
Headphones or earbuds
Pocket folders
1 composition book
1 assignment agenda book

6th grade
TI 108 Calculator (a must!
will not be provided)
1 Ziploc Quart size baggies (for iPad returns)
1 inch white binder
1 inch red binder
1 in black binder
1 in blue binder
1 package tab dividers
3 composition notebooks
2 pkgs. of notebook filler paper
Pencils/erasers (many)
Expo dry erase markers
Colored pencils
2 boxes of tissues
Glue sticks
2 folders
Agenda (to write down assignments)

Seventh Grade

Red-- 1 ½ - 2 inch three ring binder
Package of 5 dividers
1 subject notebook
Paper for the year
Colored Pencils

One pocket folder
Loose leaf paper
Package of graph paper
1 one subject notebook
Calculator – Texas Instrument TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator

Social Studies
Blue -- 1 ½ -2 inch three ring binder
Package of 5 dividers
Package of loose leaf paper
Colored pencils
Spiral notebook

Language Arts
White -- 1 inch three ring binder
Package of five tab dividers
Package of college ruled loose leaf paper
1 folder

Eighth Grade
1 - (11” X 9”) 100 sheets - Subject Notebook
(per class - 4 total)
Book Covers
1 - 3 Ring binder/black
1 - Pkg. 5 tab dividers
College ruled paper for all year
Calculator (scientific TI30XIIS, regular level)
1 - Pkg. colored pencils
1 - Pkg. graph paper

5 subject notebook
Calculator – Texas instrument TI-30X-IIS
1 folder

If a class is missing, the teacher plans to give you a list at orientation or the first day of school.

9th - 12th grade does not have a supply list. Please bring paper pencils folders etc. and if a teacher needs you to have a specific item they will let you know.
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