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Mount Vernon Police Department Reports and Incidents 8/04-8/05

August 6, 2015 - 2 PM


On August 4 at 3:52 pm Phillip Schirtzinger, 57 of Mount Vernon, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.


On August 5 at 3:57 pm officers responded to a report of a crash.  The complainant reported that his car had been struck by an unknown vehicle at an unknown time and place, damaging the right rear corner of his vehicle. Officer Aaron Collins was the reporting officer. 


On August 4 at 1:13 pm, James Duffy was cited for failure to control/weaving course on S. Main St. 

On August 5 at 6:33 pm officers responded to a crash on East Chestnut St at the intersection with North McKenzie St. Two vehicles were travelling eastbound on East Chestnut, and the second slowed or stopped at the intersection.  The first vehicle rear-ended the second vehicle.  Both vehicles were damaged due to the crash.  William Tharp, the driver of the first vehicle, was cited for failure to assure clear distance ahead. 


On August 5 at 10 am officers responded to a theft on the 17600 block of Coshocton Ave.  A router and 2 palm sanders were stolen.  Officer Scott McKnight was the reporting officer.

On August 5 at 6:16 pm officers responded to a theft at a grocery store on the 800 block of Coshocton Ave.  A Covergirl tone rehab item was stolen and recovered.  Loss Prevention had detained the shoplifter, also charged with a probation violation and possessing hypodermic needles, upon arrival of the MVPD. Officer Andrew Burns was the reporting officer.

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Written by JAPHET on August 07, 2015, 11:14:56 PM
This a real good report

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