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Knox County Sheriff’s Office Reports and Incidents 8/03 - 8/05

August 5, 2015 - 10:00 AM


On August 4 at 6:59 am officers responded to a burglary on the 17200 block of Short Rd. in Utica.  The victim reported that an unknown male had entered the residence.   David Cox of Zanesville was found in the residence and arrested upon arrival of the deputies. 


On August 3 at 10 pm officers responded to a burglary on the 2400 block of Debolt Rd in Utica.  The suspect was later arrested in a separate burglary, also in Utica.  Officer Ryan Burgess was the reporting officer.

On August 4 at 7:42 pm officers responded to a burglary attempt on the 400 block of Chase Ave in Gambier.  The victim reported that sometime between August 1 and August 2, someone had ripped the screen out of a window of the residence and moved a potted plant as if they were using it to stand on in order to gain entrance to the window.  No entry was gained to the residence.  The officers offered tips on securing the residence and advised the victim to report anything suspicious.  Officer Travis Thomas was the reporting officer.

On August 5 at 2:15 am officers responded to a case of vandalism on the 17400 block of Old Delaware Rd. in Mount Vernon. The victim reported that the tires to her vehicle had been slashed as well as that the back window had been broken.  Officers observed flattened tires and the broken back window.  Officer Ryan Burgess was the reporting officer.
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