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Utica Residents Express Concern about Alley Closure

By Timothy Perry

July 29, 2015 - 8:35 PM

(The portion of Alley C which is to be closed)

UTICA - Residents of the Village of Utica who live on North Central Ave. recently received notice that a thirty five foot portion of Alley C, an access alley located at the rear of their properties, would be vacated in order to make room for the Gennessee and Wyoming Railroad to install crossing gates at the Church Street railroad crossing. 

The portion of the alley which is to be closed runs in very close proximity and nearly parallel to the railroad tracks and meets with Church Street near the railroad crossing.  According to village maps, the portion of the alley to be closed lies within the Gennessee and Wyoming right-of-way.

A letter sent out to residents by Village Administrator Glen Richards states that "all residents will still have access to the rear of their property through Alley C", however local Resident Marie Marcum-Young expressed concern about accessibility to the property at which she and her husband reside. According to Marcum-Youg, the only way in which her husband's truck can currently access the property are at the ends of the alley, one of which is located at Church St. and the other, which is nearly 1/5 mile away, located at Spring St. The only other way to access the alley are at Dean Drive and another access alley, which large vehicles cannot safely navigate due to the close proximity to electrical and telephone poles at their intersections.

A number of area residents expressed concern about the ability of utility vehicles, such as garbage removal services and electric and telephone company vehicles, to navigate the alley when the entrance at Church St. is closed. Marcum-Young pointed out that the garbage removal truck would most likely be forced to back up the alley, which would create a safety risk, as there are many children in the area.

Richards' letter advocates the safety benefit of the project, stating that the completion of the project will "ensure a safe passage for residents, students, and businesses".

The letter goes on to say that the project is estimated to cost $260,000.00. The Village is required to pay $91,000. The portion which the village is required to pay will be covered by a federal grant.

A public hearing on the matter is scheduled for Monday, August 3rd at 6:15 PM at the Town Hall.