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The Bladensburg Joint Fire District is Looking for New Firefighters

Bladensburg, OH, July 17, 2015—The Bladensburg Fire Department is looking for people to fill in open positions in their roster.

The Bladensburg Joint Fire District is composed of volunteer firefighters who dedicate themselves to protecting the properties and the lives of the citizens, fellow firefighters, and themselves from fire.

“The quality of service that we are able to provide depends on our membership and ability to turn out to an emergency with adequate crews in a rapid amount of time,” says Assistant Chief, Dan Rice.

Training is offered to those who want to volunteer as firefighters or medical technicians at local career centers. Attendance to the Ohio Fire Academy is recommended for those who have wider schedules. For those who live within eight miles of the district, training will be provided at no charge. Trainings are held twice a month, while vehicle maintenance meetings are held on Tuesdays.

The fire district is in need of people who are willing to dedicate themselves to serving others and the community. Ideal candidates will exhibit commitment and a strong desire to help the community.

For more information, contact Dan Rice at 740-485-1086 or send an email to
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1) Re: The Bladensburg Joint Fire District is Looking for New Firefighters
Written by JAPHET on July 19, 2015, 01:38:52 AM
Am contacting them right now I need the job

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