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Knox County Sheriff's Office Reports from 6/3 - 6/5

June 6, 2016 - 8:33 AM

A complainant in the 3700 block of Apple Valley Dr., Howard, stated that an unknown person broke out the rear windshield to his vehicle. A report was requested for documentation and insurance purposes.

A complainant in the 2700 block of Apple Valley Dr., Howard, stated that an unknown person had messed around with the door to his camper. No entry was made and there was no damage to the camper. The complainant requested a report for documentation.

A complainant in the 7700 block of Bishop Rd., Centerburg, advised that he found the lug nuts loose on his vehicle. He advised that it was only the right rear tire that was loose. He stated that he wanted a report in case there are any future issues.

On June 4, 2016 a deputy was dispatched to a business on Main St., Centerburg, on a theft of property complaint. The deputy made contact with the complainant, who stated someone had stolen $320.00 cash from her purse. A statement was gathered and a report was made of the incident.

A vehicle drove into a victims field in the 6900 block of Graham Rd., Mount Vernon, making ruts and damaging a fence.
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