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A Day in the Life of an Online Student

By Katie Schultz

June 26, 2015

A typical student's day begins with the dreaded alarm clock, but some students no longer have to sacrifice sleep, or get up before the sun, just to get ready for school and make the bus on time. With the option to enroll into an online school, student's days vary unlike they would with a normal school routine.

One advantage that many older students tend to utilize is the opportunity to hold down a steady job and be able to do school around their work schedule. It benefits the student because student might need to go into work unexpectedly, which allows them to make more money. It benefits employers because they don't need to worry about scheduling around the student's school schedule.

Online instruction has set meeting times with teachers, as well as other students, in a chat room, where the teacher, in real-time, is teaching to a "classroom". These lessons are either mandatory or voluntary. An 8am history lesson, no problem, "sleep in" and watch the recording later. If a mandatory live lesson can not be attended, a student is able to contact their teacher to work it out.

A student's day might look like this:
9am: Breakfast. Log on to school while eating. No one to tell you to "stop eating in class!"
9:30am: Bathroom break. No more asking and having to wait. Just go.
10am: Finish first lesson. Three more classes to go.
10:30am: Finish second assignment. Enter a live lesson with a teacher and other classmates.
11am: Finish live lesson. Decide to go on a walk to get some exercise.
12pm: Lunch time. Log back into school. Email teacher about an assignment. Start third class for the day.
12:30pm: Finish third assignment. Start final class for the day. It is a two-day lesson with a project- allowing students two days to finish it.
1pm: Call from teacher about progress. Resume working on final class to get it done.
2:45pm: Finish project and log out of school for the day.

Students are able to gain their independence through online schooling. However, some fail to complete their assignments, and to even fail to log into school to do it altogether. This results in disciplinary action; receiving zero's on assignments, phone calls to parents from teachers, and even expulsion if the student does not progress or show any effort in their courses.

Online schooling is an unique opportunity, but don't expect traditional schools to be a thing of the past anytime soon. It is suggested by that over one million students are enrolled in online K-12 schools. That is compared to the 49.8 million in traditional elementary and secondary schools alone, according to the National Center of Education Statistics in Fall of 2014. Overall though, online education is starting to make its mark on the education system.
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