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Representative Ruhl Honors National Chess Champion From Mount Vernon

May 12, 2016 - 11:07 AM

Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl is pictured with Vincent Baker and his family on the floor of the Ohio House of Representatives

(Photo provided by the Office of Rep. Ruhl)

COLUMBUS - State Representative Margaret Ann Ruhl invited twelve-year-old Vincent Jingwei Baker, of Mount Vernon, the reigning seventh-grade national chess champion, to the Statehouse to receive a congratulatory resolution during House session yesterday.

In 2015, Vincent competed in the National K-12 Grades Championship organized by the US Chess Federation on December 4 through 6 of last year  in Florida. A total of 1,730 chess players from different states participated in this high level scholastic chess tournament. Competing with 141 players in the seventh-grade division, Vincent swept through the field to take first place. 

He was the only one to attain a perfect score of 6/6 points through the first and get a draw in the last round to to become the National Champion for 7th graders.

This has been a very successful year for Vincent who also won first place in the Ohio Middle School (K-8) State Chess Championship in Wilmington on April 23-24.

Vincent has earned the right to represent Ohio at the National Barber Tournament this summer in Indianapolis. He will compete for the title of Barber K–8 Champion playing against state champions from other states.

Vincent has earned many accolades, including first place in the state championship for Ohio Elementary K-6 Championship in 2014 and 2015 consecutively. He was also the sixth-grade state champion in 2014, and fourth-grade state champ in 2012. He won first place in the rated K-3 section in the 11th Annual Queen City Classic in 2012, the largest chess event in the Midwest with 674 scholastic chess players coming from several states.

Besides competing in scholastic chess tournaments, Vincent also regularly competes in open tournaments with opponents of all ages.

Vincent comes from a chess-champion family. His older sister, Victoria has also won numerous chess-related accolades. Most recently, she was named a co-champion in the 2016 All Ohio Girls Chess Championship.

Vincent is the child of William and Jo Ann Baker.

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