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WANTED: Daniel Morris, Troy Dupler, Jacob McQueen, Richard McKee, Keith Parsons, Jason Chandler

May 6, 2016 - 3:28 PM

MOUNT VERNON - As of 2:39 PM, on May 6, 2016, the following individuals had outstanding arrest warrants out of Mount Vernon Municipal Court.

Those who have any pertinent information on any of these individuals should contact law enforcement.

Mount Vernon Police Department: (740) 397-2222 or (740) 393-9500 (tip line)

Knox County Sheriff's Office: (740) 397-3333 or (740) 399-3959 (tip line)

Fredericktown Police Department Crime Tip Line: (740) 694-9222 - Option #8.

Danville Police Department: (740) 599-6888

Morris, Daniel - Failure to Appear in Court

Dupler, Troy - Failure to Comply with Conditions of Bond

McQueen, Jacob - Failure to Comply with Conditions of Bond

McKee, Richard - Failure to Appear in Court

Parsons, Keith - One Count of Domestic Violence

No photo available:
Chandler, Jason - One Count of Littering

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